Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring giveaway!

Spring is in the air and I am ready for outdoor sessions!! What a better way then having another giveaway!!!!??? You won't want to miss out on this one!!!!

First make sure your a fan of CKP! You must "like" me to become a fan. Then somewhere on your personal page post this link and say you "Just entered another awesome giveaway from CKP!".  Once you have done those 2 things just comment below on this BLOG POST!!!!

WAIT! There is more!!!!!!!!!!! You can have your friends enter for you!!!!!!! Tell them to do the same as above ("like" me and post) and then they can comment "entering for ......"! So the more friends who enter for you the more chances you have!!!!

Of course your friends can enter too if they live in SA or surronding areas ;-)

Whoever wins will be winning a FREE mini session along with a FREE CD of 15-20 images!!!

The contest starts tonight and will end on March1st at 8 p.m!!!! Start getting those enteries in!! Please be fair I will be looking to make sure everyone is following the directions!!

****Must be used by June 2012****

*Travel fees may apply*
*Not associated with facebook*

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Courtney Kerry Photography- Boudoir

I am really enjoying boudoir sessions!!! I love hearing from these beautiful ladies that they love their photos!!!

Welcome to CKP blog!! I will be trying to post sneak peaks on my blog from now on to try and keep my facebook page clean looking! I will also be adding information about sessions and products!!! I still have a lot to catch up on but just had to share!! I love my blog!!!